Dear all,

We would like to thank all the speakers, guests and sponsors again for contributing to this conference. It has been wonderful experience organising such an event.  We hope you all had a great time as well.

Once again, we apologise for any technical problems during the event as well as issues regarding the speakers who did not arrive and maybe left some of you disappointed.. They have informed us about their change of plans only few days before the conference and we were not able to replace them with someone else in such a short time.

Attention to all the “Online Competition” participants! The winners are the following:


2-3D Category

3rd Place – Monika Mroczka

2nd Place – Jolita Kibisiene

1st Place – Angelika Mielniczuk


4-6D Category

3rd Place – Kinga Klopotek

2nd Place – Patricja Pawlowska

1st Place – Monika Mroczka


7-14D Category

3rd Place – Milena Gronczewska

2nd Place – Monika Mroczka

1st Place – Marta Suwinska


Miss Public Jolita Kibisiene


Congratulations to you all!

Please contact us via info@sunshinebeauty.se or lashkonferensstockholm2017@gmail.com to get your prizes sent to you.

We hope to see you all who came to conference and those who planned but could not in the similar event in the future!


Good luck to everyone!

Best Reagards, Organizers